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hi guys

i thought it might interest you to know
that i found the holy grail

on the marchee aux puces this sunday!

it was day5 of school for warriors1

and i was out and about with a new ally
test-driving my newly rewired tummy button

flying high …

it was a Gods-sent day in gabian

and when we turned the corner into the market
there it was …

it was the first thing i saw

a masterpiece of peachy kitscherama
flashing at me in the bright spring sunlight …

i assumed it was plastic
as did my ally

and i commenced negotiations …

charming geezer told me 20 euros

i told him i’d think about it while i had a wander

he charmed ’15 euros then’
and i bit his hand off

15 is one of many numbers that i take to be auspicious …

if he’d said 23euros in the first place
i would have paid up with a smile …

and so we wandered on

leaving geezer happily tucking my treasure into a basket
to be picked up on our way out of the market …

ally was of the opinion that i should have bagged the grail for five euros

but i was happy

most rarely had i bought on sight
without ever touching …

and i had a feeling about this

having sought so long
now to find

i was taking my time …

lifting the basket containing the grail
into the boot of my car some hours later
only a small part of me registered the weightiness of said package

by the time i had carried it up the steep path to monpalais
that small part had grown somewhat larger

but it wasn’t until i had untucked the grail
and it was reassembled on my kitchen work-surface
that i realised what i had bought …

it is truly a masterpiece

about 20 inches high

resembling a funeral urn for a very beloved
or an exotic dessert …

it is not made of plastic
but worked in some type of quartz

i dare to dream that it may be rose quartz…

it’s wired to light up inside
and geezer had assured me it was in working order

but the plug most evidently wasn’t
as it only had one prong …

never having changed a french plug
and being somewhat pressed
i cut the wires

spliced them with the wires on another plug …


it does work

and is utterly magnificent

a rosy glowing beacon

presently occupying the niche by the guest bed in monpalais ………



Written by earthsky23

06/02/2011 at 14:32

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