sharing a creative healing journey

who am i ?

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where to start ?!
my name is sally
i am fifty six
single but not celibate
and very taurean
that is to say :
obsessed with aesthetics
and stubborn as you like
or maybe don’t …
i have been living on the side of a small mountain
in the midi of southern france
for over nine years now …
i got captured by this domaine here
which i love more passionately today
than i did the day i bought it
despite the times when i could gladly have walked aWay
empty-handed  …
i call it earthsky
which perfectly reflects it’s elemental nature …
the long-time dream has allWays been
to run earthsky as a retreat centre
taoist based
for the sharing of creativity and healing …
it’s taken somewhat longer than forseen
to renovate the property
and myself …
i still don’t feel quite qualified
to realize that dream
but is one ever ?
one is not getting any younger
and one has to start somewhere


so this blog

represents my first outward step

in the direction of sharing with others

some of the practices and perceptions

which have enabled me to survive and evolve

through the series of challenges

that i have encountered along the Way …


earthsky has become :

my own personal retreat centre

healing space

building site





raison d’etre

and challenge …

i share it with jacques

a boistrous and very charming black and white dog

he is infamously volatile

as am i

but that’s all changing now …

i’ve dragged us both through the bush backwards in recent years

since he was a pup actually

but we’ve survived all that quite graciously

and things have eased up nicely now …

neither of us have ever drawn the blood of another


we’re both very friendly

most of the time …

i don’t want to scare you

you see

because i still hold a vision

of sharing this space with others

from time to time

others who come here

as i have done

(and do)

for support with their healing

their creativity

their wholing …

one of these decades …

in the meantime

here i go


with my blog

this is the biggest



i’ve encountered yet

it’s a little scary

and quite exciting

so much space to share so much …

my plan :

to share the story of my healing journey

my journey towards wholeness

my wish :

to hear your story

sharing a creative healing journey

        as we ramble together along the Way ………


Written by earthsky23

06/02/2011 at 14:50

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  1. So that woz 10 years ago !?!

    ItIsGoodToBeBackMost :~)


    03/06/2022 at 11:57

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