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this is the brain-storm skeleton/introduction for my first best-seller :
Gabrielle Roth (diva of ‘The Five Rhythms’) is reputed to have said
‘If you can just get them moving they will heal themselves!’
dear Barefoot puts it his own succinct way
‘Get your chi moving freely and the money soon follows!’
for most of the duration of this life-time atleast
i’ve been engrossed (quite literally)
in some in-depth personal research into these very subjects
for most of my fifty six years in this body
i have been a highly committed couch potato
infamous for my occasional forays into that ‘other world’ of physical exercise
yoga, tai chi, qi gong, hua gong, jogging, dance, strance etceteras
have always yielded very positive results for me
about which i have often been (as now) somewhat evangelical
only to succumb, yet again, to chronic inertia …
please believe me
i have done the research here
and i do merit the tea shirt
it embarrasses me considerably to admit
that i have spent atleast half of my life under the duvet
in a state of fairly extreme depression and ill-health
and that is my truth …
but this is a sad story with a happy ending
because about five months ago now
i took up ‘running’
and the results have been truly astounding
on the very many levels
so i can vouch for the verity of my mentors’ words
with considerable conviction …
this is a lightly edited list of the effects i have noted
as a result of ‘running’ for only about nine minutes
once, or sometimes twice, most days ………
my foundations are stronger and firmer
like never before
there is much more love in my life
both ways
i am enjoying sweeter sleep than ever before
and am most often up before the sun
i am enjoying more respect for myself and from others
also more positive attention from others and from myself
there is an increasing clarity about my being
physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially, sexually
and even financially
(apparently the effort that i have made
to quicken my physical body
has evoked positive repercussions on the many levels
is this unprecedented optimism that has bubbled up in me
so simply a natural consequence of better health ?!
no matter
these multiple surprise bonuses that i am enjoying are, you may imagine, MOST welcome)
i have more authority
over myself and others
hence i have a much happier hound !
jacques has chilled right out
and is more contented
less needy
like me …
more obedient ?
when it occasionally suits him !
i am calmer, more centred, more grounded
my digestion is much better
and my eliminative functions have improved beyond belief
hence my complexion is noticeably clearer …
en plus all ‘puffiness’ about my person has dispersed
most remarkably from my face
so there is atlast a rumour of some bone structure
about mon visage
which is very very cool
you may imagine !
(apparently this is due to improved lymph circulation)
en plus my vagina
has spontaneously become more toned
more sensitive and more responsive
(i kid you not
these are the true words of a post-menopausal woman
who is ATLAST awakening to the simple miracle of improved health
on the many levels)
actually my entire body has become more toned
more sensitive and more responsive
it’s really quite an adventure!
i am able to surrender more completely
to enjoy deeper levels of pleasure than ever before
i have MUCH better orgasms …
there really is a LOT to be said for the endorphine effect
and my sense of humour is much improved too …
there has been a radical positive transformation of my inner dialogue
i have noticed an activation of positive potentials
nurtured by past efforts
which had not shown obvious results hitherto
much of what i had learnt and forgotten
is coming back to me
i surmise that this is what we mean by re-membering …
i have become more courageous
more authentic
much less fearful
i am enjoying the hitherto very rare experience of ‘joie de vivre’ quite consistently
my posture is much improved
i am more aligned
everything has become much easier
i am much more positive
and experiencing much more gratitude
my inner thermostat has become more efficient
so my heating bills have been reduced considerably
i am more focused
more in the flow
my concentration has improved
also balance and coordination
i have more stamina
need less sleep
and spend much less time in bed
i am more creative
and much more social
with much enlivened animal spirits
i have finally found a Way
to include myself in the human race
it has been so very simply a matter of a little training
such a blatantly obvious key to progress
how did it evade me for so many decades ?!
i am now understanding how very cheeky i was
to have aspired to an immortal golden light body
when the given physical was so undervalued !
my head is now much clearer
a very pertinent indication in my particular schema …
physically. mentally, emotionally, spiritually,  socially,  sexually and even commercially
i am enjoying a new-found sense of heart-fullness and connection
to myself, other and the Tao
holding everything together so elegantly …
an aspect of the human experience i had never hitherto explored
which is most highly recommended !
i am more inspired
and feel closer to enlightenment
safer from the darkness atleast …
i am more interested
more interesting
more charismatic
and more attractive
i am living waves of sadness for lost time and opportunities
wishing that i had discovered these now so blatantly obvious truths a good half century ago
or atleast nurtured them more diligently when they came to me briefly in my teens
and i am very happy to be-here-now
on an ascending spiral
enjoying feelings of innocence and redemption
fascinated by all that is
and finding that this one very basic activity
has a profoundly positive effect
on all my thoughts and feelings …
i have finally sourced some self confidence and some self respect
many things are falling into place
i’m in much better shape …
everything is straightening itself out
from the tips of my toes to the top of my head !
i am enjoying very healthy appetites
i am more upright
more alert
more acceptable to myself and others
more attractive to myself and others
i fancy myself more
others fancy me more
life is much more fun …
i don’t have to work so hard
others are happy to meet me half Way now
i am ‘in demand’ for the first time in living memory
truly a quantum shift in my social status
for one who knows the difference !

i am enjoying

a very tangible quickening of the life force

which is passing through me

much more abundantly than ever before


longsaught TANTRA has expressed herself through me

on a few occasions now !


my hormonal balance is much healthier

the virulence of my embarrassing facial hair much reduced

sleeplessness and hot flushes a thing of the past


i feel softer, more feminine

and much more open to pleasure …


i am living very comfortably in my new running shoes


i am better looking

and experiencing a sense of living in grace

and harmony

more surrendered on many levels

more trusting of myself, other and the Tao


so deeply centred and content



i had long-since come to believe

that awakening and transformation were for other

not for the likes of me


now this renaissance

so long invoked

has snucken up on me unawares

at the moment when i least expected it


how has such a radical quantum shift occured?

at this most opportune time?


‘running’ on the Taoist Way has been the key for me


there is hope




i am much more comfortable in my body

from the soles of my feet

to the top of my bump







and thanks also to family, friends and mentors

YOU who have enabled me to survive

and grow to feel this Way …


my over-all-relation-ship

with myself, other and the Tao

has undergone a long-awaited-quantum-shift


i have become more methodical

more measured and deliberate in action


my cupboards have all been rationalised now

and i’m intending to have the windows clean by the end of the week


chopping wood and carrying water

are becoming ever more delight-full activities ………


many blessings and love as ever



Written by earthsky23

06/02/2011 at 14:44

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