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it’s time for some ‘spring-cleaning’

Ganesh has been invoked

space is being prepared
creativity is being indulged

i’m giving myself
nine days

to purify myself

to cleanse the heart of my existence

a dedication
in preparation

for the next level………

as from my next ‘shower’

and i have Shiva’s permission
for another ‘last number’………

(said ritual douche finally occured
around sunrise the next morning…

after saying a long and fond goodbye
to some very dear old monsters)…


peace blessed peace

i feel more connected to all that is

more centred

surrendered to the flow
and trusting

more open
more loving
less afraid

cleaner and clearer
bolder and braver

i am settling
more deeply
into my body
than ever before

soft belly shining
from the inside out…


evidently this old and outworn self
is not one to be lightly left behind

my throat is less sore now
but my nose is still a beacon

i have a really gross cough

and i haven’t touched tobacco
for atleast 48 hours now


wishing us all infinite progress
for ever!



day 4
and i’m not a bundle of laughs today
or yesterday…

de-tox-re-action + vicious-viral-head-cold
does not = bliss

far from it…
this phase of the process is ‘to be survived’…

it’s a glorious ‘first days of spring’ day here

i’m trying to enjoy raucous noises
made by happy birds
shouting about the return of printemps…

and look forward
to celebrating with them
when this crushingly achy
birth phase of the adventure
has passed…

please gods very soon…


and the healing crisis
appears to be
pulling back from it’s crescendo now

i’m showered and freshly dressed
for the first time since the sacrifice

around 125 hours has been given
simply to surviving
this quantum shift in my reality
as graciously as may be
or not

and here i am

now awakening

to a radically transformed life
in a tobacco free zone


and practicing open presence


and i really am well into recovery now

having survived some brutally challenging rites of passage
yours truly has now become a tobacco free zone

did i mention that before?

yes really
since last sunday 7am

please pray for my continued success on this adventure

this is ‘THE BIG ONE’ for me

i’ve been stuck at this portal forever
time to move on through now…

i just have to keep on keeping on now…

support me any Way you can
with this

and all best wishes
to you and ours

as ever



it’s been interesting living
the last few days

with my head in a vice

and conscious through another birth…

and it’s interesting now
awakening on that other level

most grateful to be
openly present
presently open

learning to swim in a new dimension

‘wings spread wide and smiling’…

the birds are shouting all about it
and the sky agrees…

please pass me my sword………


and i really am getting better now

having survived some more challenging straits…

i’ve spent most of this week with my head stuck in the birth canal
getting thoroughly crushed
whilst having great diffficulty breathing

but it was worth it
to get born again

into this new dimension
so clear
and fresh

it’s a tobacco free zone you know!

and i’ve celebrated
by moving forward

into week2 of Barefoot’s School For Warriors
which is all about learning to breathe!

enjoying very spicy chicken soup
whilst earnestly building up my strength
for the next level….

and wishing You only the best
with 1ove as ever



this is atleast the zillionth time
that i’ve ‘given up’ tobacco

and the first and last time

that i’ll blog it…


Written by earthsky23

06/02/2011 at 14:41

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